Sunday, October 19, 2014

Victorian Election Campaign Action

As we move into a 6 week Victorian Election period, we have produced some support materials to connect with your local candidates:

  • pdf posters for email correspondence and social media
  • Letter guides to candidates
We hope that you might be able to use these documents to connect to your local Victorian election candidates from all parties.  You can choose an image below to download and send to local candidates.

To find your;
We believe that the whole community has a role in drawing the cause to the attention of the candidates.  The amount of people bringing the cause to the attention of candidates demonstrates the support in the Victorian electorate, and as such translates into the commitments coming from candidates.

We remind the community that sMAG is a bi-partisan lobby group, interested in Music Education.  We are interested in seeing a commitment from whomever is elected to continue to support and to strengthen Music Education delivery throughout Victoria for the 4 years of the next parliament.

If you wish to receive letter guides to candidates, please send a request to:  We would be pleased to hear any feedback you receive from candidates at the same address.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Another way to assist is to share the posters on social media.  By spreading the word around the community, others that are interested may also write to their candidates of get involved.

Our Facebook page:
Twitter: @sMAG_Vic

Thank you in advance for contributions to the cause.

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