Thursday, October 16, 2014

BASTOW TWILIGHT SEMINAR – Symposium on Music Education

On October 16th, the DEECD collaborated with the Bastow Institute to launch the commenced improvement implementation plan based on the Victorian government Inquiry into Music Education.

Bastow Institute Manager, Chris Mackenzie, opened and welcomed delegates.

Cathy Beesey, Director of the Primary Learning and Development Reform Branch provided an introduction.

Cathy acknowledged the exceptional work achieved within the process of the Victorian Inquiry and set the context for the way forward.
DEECD Vision: To increase and improve music education delivery in ALL areas.
She outlined a clear DEECD commitment to improvement in Music Education delivery at all levels;
·      in the VEYLDF Unit – Early years Birth to 8 years of age.
·      through AusVELS  in the F – 10 space.
·      and in later years courses, VCE, VET and VCAL.

The DEECD will work in 3 key areas to roll out implementations based on the inquiry recommendations:
A.     Collaborative Music Spaces
-       Identifying lead music schools
-       Developing a Guide to Music Education through the VCAA – underway
-       Developing a Promotion Plan
-       Developing PLPs

B.     A Review of the Instrumental Music Programs
-       Commencing in T1 of 2015, a deeper review of the Instrumental Music programs in the State.

C.     Development of Tertiary Qualifications
-       Working with tertiary institutions to develop undergraduate teacher training course – commenced.

To date, further work has commenced;
-       An expert reference group has been established from a cross section of the music education field.
-       The symposium is the first in a series of Twilight seminars at the Bastow, and
-       A project working group will be established.

A consultation mailbox has been established for members of the music education community to engage in conversation with the process;

Key Note Speaker: Prof. Gary McPherson.
A reflection: Review of the Australian Curriculum and the conversations and newspaper publications that have followed.

Federal Government Australian Curriculum review report: the pdf can be found here, and The Arts findings are published on page 212.  

Newspapers in every State have published articles on the Australian Curriculum review.  The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper article was of particular note:

Challenges and discussions were put forward in an engaging way, with a reflection on the history of government review processes.  A case against constant change was heard.  A case for music educators to lead the political debate was put forward.  There was a look at international cases as comparison, insights into how curriculum is put together, and ideas for improving our current quality of delivery.

Principal class: Leading Music Education in i) a Primary school ii) a Secondary school.

i)              Principal, Cheryl Macnee of Eltham East Primary school with Anne Williams Music Coordinator:
ii)             Associate Principal, Vicki Miles of Doveton College P – 9

Both principals proudly showcased their Music programs, highlighting the clear benefits to the students, the school and the wider community.  Each were able to demonstrate an in depth understanding of their music education programs built on a positive relationship with their educators.  Both articulated the benefits to the students across literacy, welfare, student engagement, community outreach and professional performances/recordings.  Both principals outlined the support they provided to contribute to the success of these outstanding programs, sharing the benefits with both video footage and CD recordings.

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