Saturday, October 11, 2014

Christopher Pyne announces National Curriculum Report

Christopher Pyne has just gone live to air from Adelaide (October 12, at 10.30 am) to announce the Australian Government National Curriculum review report: the pdf can be found here, and The Arts findings are published on page 212.  

The supplementary material:

The media release from Mr. Pyne's office:

Initial Australian Government Response to the National Curriculum Review:

The Australian published a piece on the National Curriculum Review (October 12): A summation of key points are listed, including: ' * Music and visual arts should be mandatory. '

sMAG Ambassador, Professor Brian Caldwell, has been quoted extensively in today's paper (October 13) - The Age:

ABC Lateline carried a story (October 13) on the National Curriculum with a focus on Literacy and Numeracy: and here is Mr. Pyne's interview:

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