Tuesday, February 15, 2011

VIT Permission to teach and Articles

Changes to the Victorian Institute of Teaching Permission to Teach Policy 2011

Instrumental teachers in schools need to know that there have been changes to the VIT Policy on the employment of teachers who are not fully registered and presently granted a “Permission to Teach”, or those who plan to work in a school in the future.

These changes could affect instrumental teachers presently working in schools.

From the 11 page policy document, I have extracted some of the relevant changes but strongly recommend you look at the website at WWW.VIT.vic.au/registration/categories - Find Permission to teach

v There are two categories of registration

Category one.  A person who is qualified to be registered as a teacher.

Category two. A person with appropriate skills and experience to teach who is eligible to be granted permission to teach.  Many instrumental teachers in schools come under this category.

v Only a person who is register or who is granted permission to teach can undertake the duties of a teacher in a school. The duties of a “teacher” include the delivery of an educational program or the assessment of student participation in an educational institution.

v Only registered teacher should undertake the duties of a teacher in a school.

v Sports Coaches, Instrumental Music Instructors, and other instructors whose duties relate to co-curricular or extra-curricular programs are not considered to be undertaking the duties of a teacher.

v However, in particular circumstances, the institute may grant permission to teach to a person who is not fully qualified as a teacher to undertake some, or all the duties of a teacher for a limited period of time. This allows a school to employ a person who is not fully qualified as a teacher where no qualified and suitable registered teacher is available.

v Evidence that the school has first sought to employ a registered teacher is required.

v Permission to teach is not a renewable form of registration and is limited to a maximum of 3 years for any grant.

A number of us have recognised that some of the changes (in bold) are not in the best interested of music education in schools and will be approaching the VIT to discuss this.  I will keep you posted.

Anne Lierse

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