Friday, February 25, 2011



The Arts Shape Paper for the National Curriculum

Submission to the Australian Curriculum, Reporting and Assessment Authority (ACARA)

Richard Letts, Music Council of Australia (with submissions from the field), December 9, 2010

ACARA has the responsibility for the preparation of the National Curriculum. It does so in a staged process with frequent consultation with the field. It is now embarked on the preparation of curricula for dance, drama, media, music and visual arts and has prepared a “Shape Paper”, setting out general guidelines for curriculum writers in the five art forms. It has published a draft and invited comment. The comments will be used to modify the Shape Paper prior to its presentation in 2011 to the curriculum writers.

The MCA response has been developed over a period of about ten weeks. Input was invited from Council members and many others who have established connections with the Music Council and it has been incorporated into the MCA submission.

Read the MCA submission:

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