Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Federal Labor's election promise

Federal Labor have announced this week:
Labor believes the benefits of musical education should be available to all Australian students. We will support more schools introducing children to the arts through the joy of music.

A Shorten Labor Government will provide $2 million a year to expand successful school music programs such as Music: Count Us In, Musica Viva in Schools and the Song Room. We will also invest $350,000 a year to continue the SongMakers program beyond 2017.

sMAG response:
Investment in the PUBLIC SECTOR, towards providing public servants is what is needed.  Public sector strategic oversight, pre service teacher education, a strengthening of the curriculum, and accountability procedures towards providing every child, in every school a music education is the only way forward.  Investment in the Public Service will give long term, generational, meaningful transformation. 
Private providers supply for the short term, offering occasional support.  It is only when a full time, school employed, specialist teacher is in place that long term, meaningful music education can take place.  From this foundation, the "add - on" private sector providers can contribute.  While we all appreciate the 'icing on the cake' our private music education providers give to programs, it is only INVESTMENT in public school teachers, employed for the long term that any significant generational change can be made.

We would like to hear if the Shorten Labor policy includes the significant investment of preservice training, strategic oversight, and a strengthened curriculum for music......

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