Wednesday, February 24, 2016

sMAG Open Forum: VIT PTT draft policy and IMTs

Guest Speaker: Marino D'Ortenzio for the AEU

As the AEU representative for the Instrumental Music Teaching community, Marino would like to speak directly to all IMTs on the VIT Permission To Teach draft policy. He has recommendations and advise to convey after consultation with VIT. We encourage all available to be at the forum to hear directly from Marino, and then take the recommended actions.

5.00 pm - 6.30 pm.
VENUE: Melbourne High School T29 the lecture theatre 
Forrest Hill,
South Yarra, Vic. 3141
P: +61 3 9826 0711

The School is located near the intersection of Chapel Street and Alexandra Avenue. The Melway Street Directory reference is 2L J3 (58 E2). View map.!contact/c1nvl

Public Transport: South Yarra Train Station is nearby:,144.9934432,16z

Directions for T29. Firstly, if driving, enter via Alexander Avenue and the boom gates will be closed for the other entrances.
Park around the school drive and enter thought the front entrance up the stairs. When inside, turn left down the corridor to the end room which is facing the drive and also closest room to Alexander Ave. The are half a dozen steps down. Signs will be put up.

Alternatively you can enter the South Yarra Sports Centre in Chapel Street, take the lift next to the swimming pool up to the 3rd floor, turn right and make your way out of this building by crossing a walkway which will lead to the main building.

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