Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Twilight Seminar: ‘Music Education in the Primary Setting: New Pedagogies for Deep Learning’

The next DET Music Symposium at The Bastow Institute will be held on Tuesday March 10th, at 4.30 pm. 
Experiential learning focusing on the 6 C’s is enhanced with the NPDL theory of learning.  See how this practical approach to learning is expressed in a musical setting to achieve high student outcomes.  School leaders, and principals are encouraged to attend to hear how NPDL can be applied in Music curriculum delivery.

Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership
603-615 Queensberry St, North Melbourne:
Cost: Free
·       Attending the seminar at Bastow: register at:
·       To participate via videoconference: please contact
Michael Randall, Project Support Officer, on 9651 0248 or by email: randall.michael.mr@edumail.vic.gov.au.Melbourne

About the session
High quality music education makes a difference. This Music Symposium is the second in a series of seminars to explore increasing opportunities for Victorian children and young people to participate in quality music education.

The Camberwell South Primary School Music room encourages the contemporary skills students need for work and life. The use of the key competencies of creativity, collaboration, character, citizenship, critical thinking and communication sit alongside composition and rehearsal to arrive at a final product, recorded and shared using digital technologies. By creating stimulating and interactive learning environments, scaffolds, rubrics, continuous feedback and self/peer assessments become features of learning as students develop agency through authentic learning experiences. This approach finds students that are engaged, choosing to opt in to music programs and the co-curricula activities in the school. Beyond the primary school, students are flourishing as they move into secondary college music programs, national choirs and ensembles, and into the adult world.
Join this Symposium to make a contribution to Music Education in Victorian schools.

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