Friday, February 21, 2014

GM report and Federal Review

The general meeting at Melbourne High School was productive.  In summary, Anne Lierse, the previous chair, provided an update on where sMAG was up to, a new committee was nominated and finalised, and drafts of a letter to the Premier were discussed.

The 2014 sMAG committee will have an its first meeting on March 5th when new members will be welcomed, and the new co-Chairs will be inducted.  Outcomes will be emailed to sMAG members.

sMAG has written to Premier Napthine to endorse the inquiry report and recommendations, with a request to adopt, and implement in the 2014 year along with an open offer to assist implementation from the broader music community.  Seventeen major music associations signed off and endorsed the letter to Premier Napthine.  Copies were sent to the Hon Martin Dixon, Hon Peter Hall and Mrs. Jan Kronberg MLC.  We are very pleased to have received the support of the broader music community.

The Hon Christopher Pyne has commissioned a review into the National Curriculum.   sMAG members who were present for the meeting over 12 months ago, at the ABC centre Melbourne will be particularly interested.  This presents an opportunity for our view to be heard at Federal level.  Submissions - closing date Feb 28th!
We encourage those with the time this week to become familiar with the material and submit - Christopher Pyne's press release:
sMAG is putting together a submission – however, individuals with an investment in music education are encouraged to put their view forward.
To assist, the links to the Australian Curriculum – The Arts.:    It is advisable to read the curriculum before making a submission.

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