Monday, December 23, 2013

Forum Video and further action

YouTube now hosts Video of the speakers and a separate audio and the slide presentation of the Forum held on Dec 5th, 2013.
Audio and slides:
The technology allows access for all in remote regional communities, and those that were tied up with concerts, exams and other work commitments.  Please join the conversation by posting comments here on the sMAG blog, emailing your responses to the listed questions to or commenting using #musicedforum .
Twitter: @sMAG_Vic

When emailing through your responses please include:
Email address:
School Connection:
Q1.  Has the review report captured the key issues facing music education in Victorian schools?  If not, what is missing?

Q2. Which of the panel's 17 recommendations are the most important to be implemented?  Why these?

Q3.  Are there any recommendations that should have been made?  If so, what?

Q4. Do you have any other general comments on the report and the future of music education?

sMAG would encourage all in the music community to write via email or hard copy to their local Victorian MPs, expressing how important this report is to local communities.  From major cities, to regional Victoria, every voice counts towards encouraging the government to adopt the recommendations outlined in the report.  The addresses of local Vic MPs can be found with a simple search on Google.  A copy to the local community papers, the local opposition MP and local school principals would also assist in garnishing further support.
To assist in this process we have outlined a simple generic example which you may choose to use if you wish:

Dear (insert name) MP,

Following the Victorian Parliamentary's Inquiry into the Extent, Benefits and Potential of Music Education in Victoria, I would like to express my appreciation of the work involved, and the subsequent report and recommendations.

It is vital that the recommendations be put into place because in our local area (cite the local engagement with music, or cite the local lack of music education, or cite your personal observations).

I would strongly encourage you to advocate that the recommendations be adopted by the Victorian government to strengthen quality and equity of music education in schools. 

I believe that school music education is valuable because - (your personal belief).

I would also suggest that the government consider the following further actions: 
   Assessment and accountability processes be put into place to ensure ongoing successful delivery of high quality music programs with target dates set for benchmarks.
   (any other of your professional recommendations)
When parliament returns, please ensure that this vitally important report's recommendations be implemented for the benefit of all future generations.

Kind Regards/Yours sincerely,

Your name and position

Generous people in the music community continue to collect data and embark on research to further our cause.  Music In Communities is running this online survey. Please take one minute to take the survey found here:
In 2014, Canterbury Girls will embark on a research project to analyze the music education undertaken in primary schools with a view to establishing the best way to create a P - 10 continuum.
In 2014, Camberwell PS will look to support a school without a specialist music teacher using online tools.
Continued research within our own music education community will empower further discussions for 2014.  Please email through any research you are conducting and we will list it here.

SAVE THE DATES: Either Feb 13th or Feb 20th will be the date of our next General Meeting - more news to be forthcoming shortly.
Thanks everyone, and HNY!

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