Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nov 13

We believe the report and findings from the Vic Inquiry into Music Education will be handed down on Nov 13th. Mark the date in your calendars and visit:

During the election campaign prominent Australian's were interviewed by the ABC:
"If I were Prime Minister I would mandate music education in every school in the country ..." - Richard Gill Press 'Download audio' button.
Music Matters are running PD on promoting Music Ed in local schools : 
Music Matters: School Leaders Forum 

Oct 17th Make the time to get along to this one!  

School music leaders from around the state are invited to hear the latest research about how music can be used to enhance connectedness and wellbeing in schools. This includes a presentation by Richard Gill (OA), as well as contributions from school principals and wellbeing co-ordinators about their reflections on the value and challenges of these ideas. Opportunities for research partnerships will also be broached.

Queen's College
Cemetary Road
University of Melbourne
Parkville, Vic 3052

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